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Cart Page Extension


Would you like to run a flexible online shopping cart sites? Execula - Cart Page Extension provides a quick and easy way to manage your cart. Get email cart link, buy later, note and convert cart to quote functionality for cart page.

Supported Versions: nopcommerce 4.0, nopcommerce 4.1, nopCommerce 4.2, nopCommerce 4.3

Cart Page Extension

for nopcommerce
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Execula Cart Page Extensionis a powerful & responsive Shopping Cart / e-Commerce extension. It is a super functional and lightweight plugin that provides email cart link, buy later, note and convert cart to quote functionality for cart page.Developed by Execula LLC.


Advertise Your Store with Email Cart
Email Cart creates unique link on the cart page which is replica of your current cart page. This link can be easily shared through different channels like email or on social media sites. When your friend opens this link he/she can see the products in your cart and they too can add those products to their cart. It is a great way to advertise an online store and open doors for the new customers.
Shopping Cart Note
This feature allow customer to add note to their cart item.
Buy Later
The Buy Later feature allows customers to manage the products of their cart. If customers decide to postpone their purchases for future, they will always be free to click on buy later link and move them into a specific list available on the same page.
Convert To Quote
The "Convert to Quote" button on the cart page allows customer to generate a .pdf file of their cart page.
Previously Purchased Products
This feature adds link of "Previously Purchased Products" to “My Account” section that display complete list of your orders. You also have an option of adding it home page and side column.


  • Supported versions 4.20
  • Multi-store
  • Responsive Design
  • Razor files are open to modifications
  • Themeable
  • Easy to install and manage from the nopCommerce Admin panel