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Product Page Extension


Comprehensive Product Page Enhancer is an all-in-one solution power packed with numerous features for making a product page loaded with functionalities while enhancing user experience.

Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.50, nopCommerce 3.60,nopCommerce 3.70, nopCommerce 3.80, nopCommerce 3.90, nopCommerce 4.0, nopCommerce 4.1, nopCommerce 4.2, nopCommerce 4.3

Product Page Extension

for nopcommerce
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Execula Product Page Extension is a plugin that lets you add super helpful features to your product page in the webstore like download product as PDF, Email Cart, Previous & Next, etc. Developed by Execula LLC. Below are all the features that you get in this plugin.


Zoomer and Pretty Photo
Zoomer adds magnifying box on product picture that allows viewing pictures in detail.
Pretty Photo
Pretty Photo adds a slider show of product pictures with next and previous button and zoom-in effect.
Download Product as Pdf
Download Product as Pdf helps you to download the entire product details as pdf by single button click.
Previous and Next
The Previous and Next allows browsing products in the same category directly from the product page of the currently viewed product. It aids to the cumbersome step of going back to the category page every time.
Product Note
Product Note allows adding some important text that is display on product detail page.
Make an Offer
Make an Offer provides your customers the ability to send their offers online. As when customers can manage their expenses by entering a price offer, they are more willing to buy a product or a service. The store owner can view offer from admin section and contact customer.
Product Like
This adds a like icon (heart icon) on which customer can check and uncheck to like and unlike product.
Special Price Products
Special Price Products list products on home page with special price that is set for a particular period using Tier price.
Price Falling Products
Price Falling Products list products on home page that is set using price falling tab to make special offer for particular period.
Feature Products
This feature sets every day a different set of featured product that is visible on home page. It also allow you to choose the categories, who products you don't want to show as featured Products.
Add Poll to Product page
On Product detail page, one can display a question for customer to poll that can be set from tab section of product edit page.


  • Supported versions 4.20
  • Multi-store
  • Responsive Design
  • Razor files are open to modifications
  • Themeable
  • Easy to install and manage from the nopCommerce Admin panel