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Aromacraze: New Site Design & Migration to nopCommerce led to Growth on Average Orders by 75%

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Aromacraze is an online ecommerce store majorly selling beauty and fragrance product. This nopcommerce online platform had inappropriate architecture, required inventory management and had many other glitches. Plus, the store required migration to the latest nopcommerce version. As their existing eCommerce website didn’t make sales, AromaCraze approached Execula to find a solution to enhance their sales online and improve their ROI.


In addition to the above-mentioned issues, here are some defies that the site had been facing:

The main problem was with their previous store. It was developed on a nopcommmerce platform and the website required major update in terms of payment gateways, inventory management, quick product searches, had data redundancy and slow queries responses on the database.

  1. A huge number of data that must have been transferred (about 4000 products, 5000 orders, and 150000 product attributes)
  2. SEO-unfriendly URLs
  3. Images that stored in file system format must have been transformed to binary data to store in the nopCommerce database
  4. Unpluggable architecture which didn't allow to add additional functionalities and components dynamically.
  5. Issues with orders or products reporting, searching and mapping products.

Execula developed the site on nopCommerce as CMS. The newly developed website was feature rich as well as secure as compared to the previous one. It offered high-quality NopCommerce support at the backend. Required plugins were developed and added to enhance the customer as well as the Administrator's experience in awe-inspiring ways.


The site was upgraded to nopCommerce 4.30. Execula had offered a myriad of customizations to improve the performance of the e-store and launch new feature rich plugins that were demanded by the growing market. The store is still being value-added incessantly. Custom features include, but are not limited to:

  1. Significant performance optimization to make store fast even with 50k+ products
  2. Custom Solr search plugin development
  3. SEO Plugin to enhance and optimize products
  4. Custom order management system development and integration
  5. Several payment plugins development including Authorise.Net ACH, Braintree & More
  6. Custom shopping cart development
  7. Delivery tracking API’s integration
  8. Integration of custom-made shipping estimate service to forecast ship times
  9. Automatic inventory and price update system development
  10. Google Tag Manager integration
  11. Google Optimize integration for experiments
  12. Customer reviews API integration
  13. Custom responsive and mobile friendly theme development
  14. Migration - Import Plugin

The other main requirement for this project was migrating products. An import plugin was created which could import all the previous data available with the store. This plugin helped to save a lot of time, which otherwise would require migration data one by one from the old store. It could also be benefited in the future to mass import data if needed.


The fresh website with custom functionality met all the customers’ requirements. The site updating, enhancements and migration to the latest nopCommerce 4.3 led to the 2 times growth in average orders placed in a month. Also, the average number of returning and new customers in a month grew up drastically by 75%.