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SPA Application

Web applications are unwittingly replacing the old desktop applications. A single-page application (SPA) is a web app or site that fits into one single page. It is an app that works inside a browser and does not require page reloading during use. A single page application is a right choice if you need a quick loading web application. Popular brands & start-ups like Uber, Twitter, Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook or GitHub, etc. have already adopted Single Page Applications.

Why You Need a Single Page Web App

  1. It is perfect if you have a large-scale app with a complex user interface and hundreds of content pages. You need to satisfy a huge audience base which is quite diverse and uses multiple devices
  2. If you require a super-rapid site with dynamic data loading and augmented UX

Single pages provide for more reliable performance. They can handle load distribution more efficiently. So if the question comes to the better performance with better outreach and umbrella cover of technologies - then a single page is the right target for you.

Enhance Application’s Performance with Single Page Application at Execula

Over 20% of your web visitors will abandon the webpage if the content load time exceeds 3 seconds.

Execula team uses the most advanced technology to develop a single page application that is a highly interactive one-page website with the .net core powered interface.

Advantages of Single Page Applications

  1. Better user experience
  2. Hassle-free page refresh
  3. Work offline
  4. Advanced performance
  5. Load distribution
  6. Easy Caching

Rather than loading a new page for every service, the one-page website combines all into one by dynamically rewriting the current page. This facilitates the user to find all the features/services on one page, skirting disruptions and intensifying interactive user-experience for them.

Why Choose Execula Services to Develop SPA

  1. We have proficient developers that help you decide the best type of single-page app to suit your business needs
  2. Migrate your traditional multi-page site to a single page site
  3. Help you pick the web host that offers reliable security measures
  4. Design SEO-friendly SPA to avoid issues and ensure your site will be favorably crawled and indexed by search engines
  5. Dedicated QA team to assure that your app works flawlessly on all devices
  • Pittsburgh Steelers

    I met Manoj while looking for an eCommerce developer for the Pittsburgh Steelers eCommerce site. Manoj was fully dedicated to the project with a can do attitude and had great expertise as well as experience in building as well as customizing the NOP Commerce software. Manoj was able to do work at a reasonable cost as well as expand and contract his team quickly when the workload ebbed and flowed.

    Tim Mayer
  • Reliance Label Solutions

    Manoj is exceptional at what he and his Execula team does. We had an urgent deadline for a challenging development project for 15 Ecommerce Solutions we needed to roll out in just six months. We contracted with Execula to develop the base code change to the e-commerce platform to serve our specific needs and guide us through the nop Commerce configuration process. He and his team just completed development and did an exceptional job with a challenging project. If you do e-commerce or need any development done for your business, Manoj / Execula will be reliable hard-working and deliver an excellent product and his estimates we're right on the money. He even quickly developed two important plug-ins for us which were not even in the original scope. If you want the best in development and a reliable source of Consulting and development you need to call Execula. I Highly recommend them. Thanks again Manoj for doing an excellent and professional job!!!

    Brent Spackman
  • Wine on the way

    Manoj saved us when our website wasn’t working. I sent out 4 requests for help using the NOP Commerce recommended developers. Manoj got back to he within minutes (others took days). He fixed one problem over the phone! Our site has never gone down again since. He helps with any issues immediately. Not only do I trust Manoj, after all we went through I won’t even think about using anyone else.

    Erin Allport
  • PoserWorld.

    Our eCommerce store had been do1wn and we were not able to collect payments for about 4 months, we consulted with many developers and they could not get it working. When I got in touch with Manoj at Execula he was very confident that he could get it working, so I gave him access to the server. To my surprise, he debugged the error and had it fixed within the hour.
    Since then we have started to collaborate with Manoj and his team and are very happy with the new website he has built for us, in record time and on budget. He finished it ahead of schedule.
    I would highly recommend Manoj for any Web Development work.

    Peter Martin
  • AliKat Marketing

    I would never consult with anyone other than Manoj for custom e-commerce guidance. Not only is he great at what he does, he is personable, professional and reliable. I consider my company lucky to have found Manoj and would refer him to anyone who wants it done right the first time.

    Alicia Baker