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Feed Manger

Feed Management Services

Feed-based advertising is essential for maximizing revenue. Today, behind every Shopping campaign is a product feed. It is directly responsible for the revenue of a company. Therefore it is important to meet the individual demands of every network so that you always show the perfect ads.

Are you facing some of the below challenges?

  1. Don't want to deal with the product & store feed technical details across shopping channels?
  2. No time to optimize your product feed speed, channel & campaign?
  3. Need help scaling your shopping campaigns across multiple countries, in various languages and currencies?

We transform your product data to get your campaigns maximum exposure and conversions. Our product feed connoisseurs live and breathe data. We use leading software to customize millions of attributes, manage promotions, to maximize profit, and prevent revenue loss. We pull in shopping cart data and create unique feeds tailored for Google, Bing, Facebook, Display, and more.

Feed Optimization | Data Feed Marketing | Marketplace Management

Product Feed Management relates to pulling the product data from an eCommerce catalog and connecting it to shopping channels to market the products over the web.

Google Shopping has a very complex policy requirement which is updated frequently. Doing everything yourself or even with trial and error can lead to your Google Merchant Center account being suspended.

Execula is a prominent and global Data Feed Providers in the marketplace that helps you display your products, submit your product feeds to various global search engines like Google Shopping, Amazon,, Yahoo Shopping, Google Merchant Center, Amazon Storefront Marketplace, Wayfair, PriceGrabber, Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, Shopzilla, eBay, Rakuten and many more. Each shopping engine has its particular requirements and column names. Some require field’s enclosure, others need specific delimiters.

Feed management service comprises of

  1. Google & Bing Feed Creation
  2. Feed Data Optimization to refine product titles, descriptions, and more
  3. Keyword Testing to maximize CTR and expand search volume
  4. Promotion Management
  5. Uptime Monitoring 24/7
  6. Error Correction

All the XML data feeds used by shopping engines often have their specifications and patterns to build a valid and well-structured data feed. With our Data Feed Manager services, we produce XML files that are ready to transfer on shopping search engines. We provide you all you need to create any specific CSV/TXT file that you want in addition to XML files. This specific file format can be then be used seamlessly for shopping engines like Amazon, Google Shopping, etc.

Some of our Feed Manager Features:

  1. Export your products into any data feed type: CSV, txt, and XML or any other files.
  2. Image optimization for specific channels
  3. Include all product types: basic, configurable, gathered, package, and custom types.
  4. Standardizing color naming conventions
  5. Create multi-stores, multi-currencies, multi-VAT-rates data feeds Find any attribute in the attributes library
  6. Re-structuring product titles & description
  7. Preview your data feeds and utilize the syntactic aide to stay away from misprints
  8. Create attribute sets and category filters.
  9. Update generate and Upload your data feeds
  10. Creating rules so the proper currency, language, and URL display for the country you're marketing to

All-in-one solution at Execula

Why get overwhelmed trying to handle everything on your own - the e-commerce merchants, the online store as well as the sales channel. We ensure that your products are visible & live on Google shopping, Bing, Amazon, and other channels. Contact us if you wish to trade more across all your sales and marketing channels and enhance your ROI.