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e-Commerce Services

Comprehensive Ecommerce Services

Execula Ecommerce Solutions Designed to Maximize Business Success

Execula is a leading eCommerce Development Company helping businesses with a go-to-market strategy to succeed online. Our eCommerce development services team will deliver you with consumer insights, retailing strategy, knowledge, and digital marketing approach that will help you grow into a chief eCommerce player. We offer a host of proven solutions for B2C Ecommerce Website & B2B eCommerce stores or portal and enable Startups, brands and retailers to start selling their products online directly to consumers.

Each service is designed to maximize traffic, engagement, conversions, and loyalty. So whether you are building an online business from scratch, considering re-platforming your existing online business, or just want to selectively enhance your existing site, we can help.

Our Services Include:

Take advantage of our affordable eCommerce Development Services and end-to-end Fully Managed eCommerce Solutions.

  1. Ecommerce Consulting, Strategy & Planning
  2. User Interface Optimization
  3. Ecommerce Website Design
  4. Ecommerce Website Development
  5. Product Data Management
  6. Third-Party Application Integration
  7. 24/7 Support & Maintenance a 99.5% uptime SLA guarantee
  8. State-of-the-art Ecommerce Hosting
  9. Ecommerce SEO Services
  10. Payment Gateway
  11. Site Audits / Performance Control

Technologies We Use

Among eCommerce platforms, we focus on all major platforms starting with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, nopCommerce and more. To meet customers’ requirements to the utmost we also provide Custom eCommerce Service functionality.

Ready to launch your eCommerce store?

We offer a complete portfolio of professional eCommerce services to aid the delivery of world-class eCommerce solutions and comprehensive services. Interested in a complete, end-to-end eCommerce solution package or want custom services as per your requirements? Call on 480-463-1912 or drop in an email at Our team is also available 24x7 via live chat and are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Data and Inventory Management

Data and Inventory Management

Category – Data and Inventory Management

Companies handle their inventory on an everyday basis. They need to procure fresh orders for goods and ship orders out to consumers. Execula helps to make your inventory operations flexible, responsive, and efficient.

Adding and setting up products is one of the most important tasks for a shop owner.

You need to define product types, sort your products into categories, and add different product options and appealing product images. Defining product tags and other SEO parameters is another add-on. All this will help you make the product search and comparison easy for customers, resulting in more purchases. Adding products also includes some important internal settings, such as inventory and shipping parameters.

Make sure to not miss any detail, such as displaying different sizes and color options, giving a thorough product description, adding appealing pictures, etc.

Some of the general information that needs to be taken care to create the product –

The product name, Short description, Full description, SKU, Categories, Manufacturers, Product tags, GTIN (global trade item number), and much more…

Execula Data and Inventory Management Services

Effective inventory management is all about knowing what you have, where it’s stocked, and how much you’ll need. It also calls to prevent stock-outs and improve supply efficiency.

Streamline your inventory lifecycle with Execula by optimizing and managing all the components of your inventory. Pre-build inventory to drive more efficiency through the value chain.

With more than a dozen years of experience in managing inventory for hundreds of market-leading companies, we are helping clients to streamline their inventory through best-in-class processes and highly efficient tools.

Our comprehensive inventory management services encompass:

  • Inventory Planning
  • Create Products
  • Manage Existing Products
  • Inventory Management
  • Sale and Coupon Management
  • Replenishment Services
  • Material Optimization (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • MRO Inventory Planning
  • Inventory Cost Accounting
  • Maintain products in proper inventory

What's next?

Contact us today if you need an expert solution to add or update products to the inventory accurately or manage your products precisely.

Feed Manger

Feed Management Services

Feed-based advertising is essential for maximizing revenue. Today, behind every Shopping campaign is a product feed. It is directly responsible for the revenue of a company. Therefore it is important to meet the individual demands of every network so that you always show the perfect ads.

Are you facing some of the below challenges?

  1. Don't want to deal with the product & store feed technical details across shopping channels?
  2. No time to optimize your product feed speed, channel & campaign?
  3. Need help scaling your shopping campaigns across multiple countries, in various languages and currencies?

We transform your product data to get your campaigns maximum exposure and conversions. Our product feed connoisseurs live and breathe data. We use leading software to customize millions of attributes, manage promotions, to maximize profit, and prevent revenue loss. We pull in shopping cart data and create unique feeds tailored for Google, Bing, Facebook, Display, and more.

Feed Optimization | Data Feed Marketing | Marketplace Management

Product Feed Management relates to pulling the product data from an eCommerce catalog and connecting it to shopping channels to market the products over the web.

Google Shopping has a very complex policy requirement which is updated frequently. Doing everything yourself or even with trial and error can lead to your Google Merchant Center account being suspended.

Execula is a prominent and global Data Feed Providers in the marketplace that helps you display your products, submit your product feeds to various global search engines like Google Shopping, Amazon,, Yahoo Shopping, Google Merchant Center, Amazon Storefront Marketplace, Wayfair, PriceGrabber, Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, Shopzilla, eBay, Rakuten and many more. Each shopping engine has its particular requirements and column names. Some require field’s enclosure, others need specific delimiters.

Feed management service comprises of

  1. Google & Bing Feed Creation
  2. Feed Data Optimization to refine product titles, descriptions, and more
  3. Keyword Testing to maximize CTR and expand search volume
  4. Promotion Management
  5. Uptime Monitoring 24/7
  6. Error Correction

All the XML data feeds used by shopping engines often have their specifications and patterns to build a valid and well-structured data feed. With our Data Feed Manager services, we produce XML files that are ready to transfer on shopping search engines. We provide you all you need to create any specific CSV/TXT file that you want in addition to XML files. This specific file format can be then be used seamlessly for shopping engines like Amazon, Google Shopping, etc.

Some of our Feed Manager Features:

  1. Export your products into any data feed type: CSV, txt, and XML or any other files.
  2. Image optimization for specific channels
  3. Include all product types: basic, configurable, gathered, package, and custom types.
  4. Standardizing color naming conventions
  5. Create multi-stores, multi-currencies, multi-VAT-rates data feeds Find any attribute in the attributes library
  6. Re-structuring product titles & description
  7. Preview your data feeds and utilize the syntactic aide to stay away from misprints
  8. Create attribute sets and category filters.
  9. Update generate and Upload your data feeds
  10. Creating rules so the proper currency, language, and URL display for the country you're marketing to

All-in-one solution at Execula

Why get overwhelmed trying to handle everything on your own - the e-commerce merchants, the online store as well as the sales channel. We ensure that your products are visible & live on Google shopping, Bing, Amazon, and other channels. Contact us if you wish to trade more across all your sales and marketing channels and enhance your ROI.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center Services

Google Merchant Center is a digital platform that allows you to upload and advertise products (you sell online or at your brick-and-mortar location) on the internet so users can browse and shop your inventory on Google.

One-Stop-Shop for Managing And Advertising Your Products Online

Once a business has successfully navigated the setup process, Google Merchant Center has huge benefits to offer. Along with uploading products you can use the information obtained to run ads and reach interested shoppers. Below are some advantages -

  1. Accurate Google Shopping listings for increasing visibility
  2. Google AdWords integration for Remarketing
  3. Google Analytics support specifically for Google Merchant Center hits
  4. Online product reviews integration with their star ratings
  5. Direct website funnels
  6. Google Local Search integration for geographical tagging to nearby local stores

Advertising with Google Merchant Center

Show your products to shoppers across paid and unpaid channels. A simple and flexible way to organize and promote your Google Merchant Center product inventory within Google Ads is to use Shopping ads using Shopping campaigns. It lets you advertise your store and products using 3 types of shopping ads:

  1. Google Shopping ads
  2. Local inventory ads
  3. Product Shopping ads

The Google Merchant Center feed, also known as the Google shopping feed or product data feed, is the spreadsheet that organizes all your product information. This sheet makes it easier for Google to understand your products and what you have to offer.

Start using Google Merchant Center today for your Business

If you’re looking to reach more people interested in your products, Google Merchant Center is a great place to start. Not only can you upload all your products in one place, but you can automatically produce ads that help you reach the right people with your products.

With a digital marketing company like Execula, we’ll make using Google Merchant Center a breeze for you. We’ll help you run Google Shopping ad campaigns that drive more sales. We can support you create other paid advertising campaigns, too! Here are some major aspects we can help you with

  1. The Google Shopping Data Feed Optimization
  2. Google Shopping Costs which fits your goals
  3. Run Google Shopping PPC Campaigns for your Google Shopping Ad Groups

Google Shopping is a big deal. Google Merchant Center is a good solution for e-commerce businesses looking for increased exposure and increased sales. Incorporating Google Shopping campaign will be more than worth the investment. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Call us 480-463-1912 or drop in an email at with your requirements. We shall be happy to assist.

Amazon Storefront Marketplace

Amazon Services & Amazon Marketplace – Grow Your Business Online

Put your products in front of the millions of customers that search Amazon every day. Whether you’ve already got an established eCommerce business or a great idea for a new product – selling through Amazon Marketplace can increase your sales, revenue, and market dominance.

Amazon Store elevates the experience of shoppers by giving an enhanced mobile experience. It helps to boost organic rankings on Amazon SERPs (Search Engine Page Results) and thereby, increasing the sales volume. Companies can provide an opportunity to popularize their brand to newer audiences. Brands can capitalize on both internal and external sources of traffic by promoting their products to all the preexisting customers.

Who Can Create An Amazon Store?

Sellers, Agencies, Vendors can set up an Amazon Store after enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry program.

Why Choose Execula’s Amazon Account Management Services

Execula offers Amazon Marketplace services for small and mid-sized businesses and has helped them procure excellent brand-centric shopping experience and sales. Included in all our plans are basic features like:

  1. Dedicated Amazon Marketing Specialist
  2. Unmatched Client Satisfaction
  3. Advanced Machine Learning Technology
  4. 10 Years Of Experience
  5. Data-driven strategies

Our Amazon services help you highlight your unique value proposition, enhance its customer experience and business-related metrics like traffic, sales, and engagement over time. With our Amazon Store setup and management services, you can

  1. Add products on Amazon
  2. Amazon Store creation and optimization
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Category and Subcategory Suggestions
  5. Product Description Copywriting
  6. Amazon Store Listing Optimization
  7. Amazon Store Design (Brand Registered Clients Only)
  8. Enhanced Brand Content Suggestions (Sellers Only) & more

Get Professional Help & Avoid Beginner’s Mistakes

Running a successful Amazon Store calls for an Amazon Stores and Marketplace Manager. Execula’s Amazon Marketing Specialists can help you launch, manage, and optimize your Amazon marketplace like a pro. Whether you are launching or relaunching your Amazon Store, why make the mistake of discounting the need for professional help.

From creation and setup to strategy integration we are committed to offering result-driven strategies and services. You can call us at 480-463-1912 or drop in an email at with your prerequisites.

Email Marketing Services

Pioneering Email Marketing Services USA

Send Stunning, Responsive Emails. Engage Subscribers. Nurture Leads. Track Results

Whether you’re just wetting your feet in the entrepreneurial world or you’ve lived here for some time, you’ll notice the term “scalability” tossed around quite often. As your business develops, it needs to accommodate the cumulative demand while maintaining quality.

And to achieve scalability, you have to sell services or products where your customers are – and today it can be achieved through EMAIL.

In the present heyday, internet users open their emails at least once a day. That is why email marketing is holding the largest conversion rate over blogs, videos, or any other digital marketing platforms.

Email marketing is engaged by most brands and companies due to its paramount benefit of customer conversion and retention. Yet, the expend on it is very less.

The average expected ROI is $42 for every $42 you spend on email marketing.

It is the fact that the number of active email users is forecasted to reach 4.3 billion in 2023. Email marketing software solutions are an investment that you do in yourself, your business as well as in your current and potential customers.

Generate & Close More Leads with Targeted Campaigns with Execula

Email Marketing experts at Execula employ clever procedures, strategies, and assistance to run the email marketing campaign. Our crew of digital marketing connoisseurs teams up with our proficient graphic designers to craft the most competent emailers and newsletter to engage the recipients.

We are extending the full spectrum of email marketing services, including custom-designed email template and coding, adept copywriting services, email campaign setup and deployment, email strategy, email automation, custom integrations and programming, advanced analytics tracking, reporting, and much more. We work with brands of all sizes.

Key Features of Execula Email Marketing Services

  • Fully Customized And Interactive Template Layouts
  • Reliable Email Marketing Platform
  • Personalization Content for Better Engagement
  • Opt-In Email Signs Up To Contact Forms
  • Analytics Software Integration To Provide Full Conversion Tracking
  • Unique And Crispy Email Subject Lines And Body Content
  • Customer Retention Emails
  • A/B And Multivariate Testing
  • Dynamic And Interactive Emails
  • Tracking And Monitoring The Responses
  • Superior Technology And Maximum ROI
  • Affordable And Customized Packages
  • Easy Way To Import / Export Contacts
  • Schedule And Send Email Campaigns

Execula MailChimp Plugin for Email Marketing

Execula can help you to grow your business by using our email marketing tool - Mail Chimp API for nopCommerce. Designed by Execula, MailChimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you manage emails to your customers. Execula Mail Chimp plugin extracts all customer, product and related information including email Id’s automatically from your website and sends to the Mail Chimp to boost your marketing efforts. It offers the ability to create and manage mailing lists, newsletters, automated campaigns, and more. It pulls your store data and sends it to your Mail Chimp account by manual as well as automatic data synchronization. And by using that customer list you can target clients, send creatively designed email templates, advertise your products, email offers, and more!

It puts you in the driver's seat and lets you have full command over your email marketing efforts from beginning to the end.

The plugin can be integrated with MailChimp.

Buy it here – Execula MailChimp

InfusionSoft for Email Marketing

InfusionSoft offers an all-in-one email marketing solution that provides advanced marketing and sales automation. It is a fully customizable tool that streamlines and automates your sales process and customizes campaigns. Increase lead conversion with powerful follow-ups, capture leads automatically through built-in landing pages, convert more visitors to leads, and automatically add new leads to your contacts with advanced segmentation.

  • Powerful Segmentation
  • Customizable Messaging
  • Bulletproof automation to ensure that leads don’t fall through the cracks
  • Campaign Builder to tags new leads assigns tasks and sends emails automatically

We have a skilled team of developers who can help you bind infusion soft API integrated plugin for your store/site. So, invest in this next-level automation platform. It is the best tool to look for when searching for superlative email marketing software.

Reach out to us!

Whether you want to speed up your sales cycle, or easily build, send & analyze your email marketing campaigns or looking for some out of the box solutions to be integrated with emails – we are just a call away.

Give us a shout at 480-463-1912 or drop in an email at with your prerequisites. We shall be happy to assist.

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways for eCommerce

Thinking of starting an online business?

Hosting – Domain – Content Management System (CMS) – Shopping Cart – all these may have crossed your mind. But what about Money?

Every business needs money flowing in… And, when $$$ is involved, you want your customers’ purchasing experience on your site to be as seamless and positive as possible.

Execula - Leading Payment Gateway Service Providers

We at Execula offer solid payment gateways, third-party applications, that provide an easy-to-use tool for processing payments from sales. Our all-in-one payment gateway solution has always offered a positive purchase experience for any eCommerce store – right from collecting money from your customers and directing it to your bank account.

All our payment gateways have safeguarded encrypting (i.e. securing) confidential credit card info and help you meet certain principles for data security in real-time. Rest assured as the transactions between you and your customers are always secure.

Plus, our gateways save you time and work! We have removed the need for any manual input info received. They also offer flexibility in the types of payments customers can use with a variety of different payment types.

Selecting a Payment Gateway

46% of cart abandonments occur at the payment stage of checkout if e-stores aren’t outfitted with a smart payment gateway

Now to your big decision: if you are hunting for a payment gateway for your business we’ve compiled below of the best gateway apps. Do check them.

Execula HeartLand Secure Payment

Heartland Secure Payment

Developed by Execula LLC, HeartLand Secure Payment plugin allows payment with Credit Card using Heartland Secure Payment System. It also supports Recurring Payment. Execula HeartLand Secure Payment plugin provides PCI-friendly credit card payments. Your customers won't have to worry about stolen card information. Owing to powerful technologies our Secure Submit jQuery tokenization library ensures that no credit card data ever touches your server for any reason. This plugin is both built by and supported by Heartland Payment Systems.

Execula BrainTree plugin

BrainTree plugin

Execula BrainTree plugin provides the global commerce tool people need to build businesses, accept payments, and enable commerce for their users. Execula Brain Tree Manage your online store payment like a pro with our intuitive plugin. It’s the simplest way to get integrate payment gateway for your website, across any device, and through almost any payment method. Merchants in more than 40 countries worldwide can accept, split, and enable payments in more than 130 currencies using Braintree.

Pay Assist

Pay Assist

PayAssist is a payment gateway that offers integrated transaction processing support for all major credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, ACH transactions, EBT, and check verification services. Accept payments online and get a wide array of end to end processing services and superior customer support. Pay Assist is available to help merchants increase revenue, enhance their bottom lines.


Payment Systems + Robust Web Hosting Services

Ready to accept payments and watch the $$$ roll in? As said above - a good shopping experience makes for good sales. By choosing Execula’s payment gateway service for your site, you boost user experience in your online store and encourage customers to make purchases.

Whether you’re focused on universal sales, giving clients an on-brand checkout experience, or bragging of your high-quality security standards, our payment gateways when married to our web hosting plans are like a match made in Heaven!

Our robust Hosting Plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage, access to our powerful 1-click installer, automated backups, and an instant WordPress setup. So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today. You can call us at 480-463-1912 or drop in an email at with your prerequisites.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers

    I met Manoj while looking for an eCommerce developer for the Pittsburgh Steelers eCommerce site. Manoj was fully dedicated to the project with a can do attitude and had great expertise as well as experience in building as well as customizing the NOP Commerce software. Manoj was able to do work at a reasonable cost as well as expand and contract his team quickly when the workload ebbed and flowed.

    Tim Mayer
  • Reliance Label Solutions

    Manoj is exceptional at what he and his Execula team does. We had an urgent deadline for a challenging development project for 15 Ecommerce Solutions we needed to roll out in just six months. We contracted with Execula to develop the base code change to the e-commerce platform to serve our specific needs and guide us through the nop Commerce configuration process. He and his team just completed development and did an exceptional job with a challenging project. If you do e-commerce or need any development done for your business, Manoj / Execula will be reliable hard-working and deliver an excellent product and his estimates we're right on the money. He even quickly developed two important plug-ins for us which were not even in the original scope. If you want the best in development and a reliable source of Consulting and development you need to call Execula. I Highly recommend them. Thanks again Manoj for doing an excellent and professional job!!!

    Brent Spackman
  • Wine on the way

    Manoj saved us when our website wasn’t working. I sent out 4 requests for help using the NOP Commerce recommended developers. Manoj got back to he within minutes (others took days). He fixed one problem over the phone! Our site has never gone down again since. He helps with any issues immediately. Not only do I trust Manoj, after all we went through I won’t even think about using anyone else.

    Erin Allport
  • PoserWorld.

    Our eCommerce store had been do1wn and we were not able to collect payments for about 4 months, we consulted with many developers and they could not get it working. When I got in touch with Manoj at Execula he was very confident that he could get it working, so I gave him access to the server. To my surprise, he debugged the error and had it fixed within the hour.
    Since then we have started to collaborate with Manoj and his team and are very happy with the new website he has built for us, in record time and on budget. He finished it ahead of schedule.
    I would highly recommend Manoj for any Web Development work.

    Peter Martin
  • AliKat Marketing

    I would never consult with anyone other than Manoj for custom e-commerce guidance. Not only is he great at what he does, he is personable, professional and reliable. I consider my company lucky to have found Manoj and would refer him to anyone who wants it done right the first time.

    Alicia Baker