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Web Development

Bringing Eye-Catching Designs to Life, With the Functionality That You Need

Execula is a Web design and Web Development company in the USA. We have a solid history of crafting beautiful, engaging websites and delivering custom web development for desktop and mobile as well as eCommerce and web-based projects.

Our Web Services include

  • Responsive Web Design
  • E-Commerce Web Design
  • Hosting Management
  • Web Maintenance

Bespoke Web Development Services

We are a full-service web design agency based in the USA offering custom web development solutions. From full eCommerce web design solutions like Magento to information sites on popular platforms like WordPress, we develop custom solutions to fit your requirements.

Our goal is to create and develop websites that are beautifully designed as well as technically sound. Our cost-effective solutions are created to perform optimally. We have worked with various clients from a variety of industries, to develop professional websites that add value to their businesses. We design bespoke templates that give every business their distinguished identity and attention.

Custom Development

Bringing Eye-Catching Designs to Life, With the Functionality That You Need

Your website is a vital component of your marketing strategy. It serves as the hub of all of your online activities. It can become your money minting machine if planned and designed right.

At Execula, we design websites that help you generate the most conversions. Attractive designs, responsive themes, and user-friendliness are essential for crafting a website that can take your brand online.

Studies have shown the average consumer makes a decision within 10 seconds of visiting your website – make it worth their time. We create a professional site that is so engaging.

A boutique software/web development company staffed by senior professionals. Assisting Start-ups and Enterprises to build their brand online.

Execula is a Web design and Web Development company in the USA. We have a solid history of crafting stunning, engaging websites, and delivering custom web development. Our Web Development Services include

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. E-Commerce Web Design
  3. Hosting Management
  4. Website Support and Maintenance
  5. Drupal Development
  6. Magento Development
  7. WordPress Development
  8. Custom web development
  9. Experience & Technical Expertise
  10. Mobile-Friendly Experiences
  11. Secure Website Hosting

Bespoke Web Development Services

We are a full-service web design agency offering custom web development solutions. From full eCommerce web design solutions like Drupal, Magento, to information sites on popular platforms like WordPress, we develop custom solutions to suffice your requirements.

We have worked with various clients and have delivered beautiful and technically sound websites. We have offered services across an assortment of industries and have delivered professional sites that add value to businesses.

Our designs are bespoke giving every business their distinguished identity and attention. For that, we first understand everything about your business. We begin the code only after we have mocked up the perfect layout and structure agreed by both parties. Once everything is in place we roll up our sleeves and start the construction.

Trust the Development Experts at Execula

We are a full house Digital Branding & Development Company based in Pheonix, Arizona providing Branding Services, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design & Web Development.

With over a decade of industry experience, our development services are high on standards and quality.

For more information about our web development solutions, contact us, and we’ll create the perfect solution for your needs.

Asp.Net Core Based MVC Applications

Need to create a standard based and scalable business application? Think no further than ASP.NET MVC Framework. Today businesses are steadily approaching the use of Asp.Net MVC Application Development to get their businesses streamlined. ASP. NET Apps is a modern method of getting applications that are interactive and highly useful for the clients as well as the business owners.

Key Features of Asp.Net MVC Development

  1. Lightweight
  2. More Control
  3. Testable
  4. Re-Usable Functionalities Of Asp.Net
  5. Scalability
  6. Cross-Platform /Deployment
  7. Cloud Friendly
  8. Server Push Notification
  9. Bundling And Minification
  10. Caching
  11. SEO Friendly Url's
  12. Security
  13. Easy Development

Execula is ASP.NET Core MVC Applications development specialists based in Pheonix, Arizona in the United States. We house a team experienced developers who excel in developing solutions that will augment your operations, delight your clientele, and build a business solution that is accessible on the go, globally. Our certified ASP.NET developers develop and support large web applications for established businesses and successful entrepreneurs.

We enjoy big complex problems and requirements, and we have lots of experience with simple to complex types of projects. Execula offers a wide range of services that set us apart from the competition and ensure that we will deliver the product you desire.

We enjoy big complex problems and requirements, and we have lots of experience with simple to complex types of projects. Execula offers a wide range of services that set us apart from the competition and ensure that we will deliver the product you desire.

Our Services Include -

  • UI Implementation & Custom MVC App Development
  • Responsive Website Development With Bootstrap
  • MVC Apps using HTML 5 Tags – Compliant on all Browsers
  • Customized Product Development
  • Maintenance Services
  • Migration
  • Cloud-Based .Net Apps
  • Asp.Net Mobile App Development
  • Cross-Platform Application & More…

We Would Love To Talk About New Projects

Whether it be starting from scratch or taking on management for existing systems, do feel free to call or email and we look forward to hearing from you.

API Services

Connoisseurs in Custom API Development Services and Integration Solutions

We are a full-service software development company offering custom API development and API integration solutions to enterprises and startups. We have a team of experienced API professionals that can engineer excellent web design, website development, and CSS media queries.

We have been assisting conglomerates by amalgamating multifaceted technologies to connect disparate applications and databases to enhance the value of the existing system. Our proven processes have aided to alleviate redundancy, gaps, and overlaps that exist in any business.

Execula API Development Services

Our team of highly experienced web application developers has the capability to create well-designed APIs that Are Easy to Read, Learn And Use, Well-Documented, Problem-Free For Code Maintenance, Powerful, Scalable, And Highly Secure.

Our team has vast experience in developing the APIs using C, C++, Java, Python, and PHP according to your requirement to enrich and enhance the services you offer.

Custom API Development Services

  1. Custom API For Your Business Website
  2. Custom JSON API Development
  3. Custom XML API Development
  4. Custom PHP API Development
  5. Customizing Existing API
  6. REST API Services And More

Execula API Integration Services

The term API integration refers to how two or more applications can be coupled with each other via their APIs to perform some joint function. API is mainly aid business websites or web applications in streamlining the business processes. Building Custom API integration has been our forte. We offer development services that perfectly match your enterprise system requirements and enhances functionality.

Integrate custom API applications with your business websites or web applications for enhanced performance. Achieve better connectivity through our standard and custom APIs linking to third-party applications and websites.

  • Third-Party API Integration
  • API Design & Architecture
  • Custom API Integration Services
  • API Integration Consulting Services
  • .NET integration
  • Integration with Google APIs
  • Integration with JavaScript / XML / REST-based APIs
  • Integration with Oracle-based web services
  • Paypal Integration
  • Shipping API Integration (FEDEX & UPS)
  • Skype based API Integration & More

Our API integration services can optimize processes, enable clients in aligning business practices and overall workflow of operations.

Choose Best API Development / Integration Company

Execula delivers best-in-class API Development and Integration Services. We successfully build APIs of high performance and security for any industry and right for your specific requirements. We can also help you integrate apps that would work excellently all mobile screen sizes and browsers. Integrate with just about anything to power up your application like Payment Gateway Integration, Shipment API Integration, etc. Our services aid in connecting software systems and applications with one another thus eliminating duplication of effort. It enhances the user experience, directly affecting productivity.

Related Plugins for API Integration

  • BrainTree
  • Heartland Payments and more…

Feel free to reach out and get expert IT consultation on your API development/integration idea.

Custom Plugin Development

Plugins magnify the functionality of any website and assist in delivering a custom web experience. Additionally, they are the most reliable way to add any custom features to your site as they are secure for future upgrades. At Execula we specialize in custom plugin development solutions. We pay attention to your thoughts, accurately analyze your plugin requirements, and brainstorm potential methods to accomplish your goals using automation, design, and code. Custom plugin development offers personalization of your website functionality, freeing you to build your business.

Vetted, Monitored, & Ensured To Deliver Quality Work

We have a team of professionally devoted, committed, and experienced designers, coders, and developers who have worked upon a wide array of plugins from the broader ecosystem. We like to say that our experts know the technology inside out. The skilled men at Execula keep pace with the constant and ever-changing eCommerce industry and combine innovation with our knowledge base to deliver perfect Plugin Development services.

We have a strong reputation in the area of nopCommerce Plugin Development.

We are a Gold Partners for nopCommerce with 9+ years of expertise in delivering solutions.

Our plugins are secure, well-built, reliable, and scalable. We design, develop, and deliver custom plugins, with page-design supplied by our clients.

We develop plugins using .net core framework to give your project the simplicity and adroitness that it needs to support your eCommerce website.

Features of our Plugins

  • Custom Plugin Development
  • nopCommerce Validated
  • Latest Version Compatibility
  • User-Friendly Plugin Interface
  • Your Plugin, Your Code
  • Fully Tested and Bug-Free
  • Assured Confidentiality
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

We have crafted almost 35- 40 plugins for e-commerce for multiple uses which have been used by various websites. You can view them at HostedMart.

Our Plugin Workflow Process

  1. Requirement analysis

    We discuss detailed features of the plugin and the potentials that need to be achieved.

  2. Planning

    We formulate a comprehensive architecture for the plugin. It must be verified before moving onto the next phase.

  3. Development

    We start building the plugin in the development stage. During this stage, you have the opportunity to approve the project milestones as the plugin is designed.

  4. Testing and Quality Analysis

    We will test and fix bugs if any in the plugin before it is delivered to you. This is also the moment to make any final revisions.

  5. Conclusion and Delivery

    The plugin will be finalized after finishing approval. Delivery of the plugin includes its installation on your nopCommerce website.

Should you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us for interventions at any level - Old Plugin Upgrade, New Plugin Creation, Efficient Plugin Integration, Plugin Customization, or more?

Website Upgradation


Having a website that is extremely old and obsolete is more detrimental than having no website at all.

Amazon’s calculated that page load slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales each year

Upgrade Your Website To Attract More Customers And Improve Conversions

When people visit your site, they see it as a reflection of your organization. Quick loading websites with dynamic web design help to retain your existing customer, as well as fascinates new visitors.

If your site looks proficient and is laden with valuable information, readers will see you as an authority and expert. Likewise, if the site looks below par and out-of-date, your reputation and services may be judged.

Upgrade Your Website With Execula: Create A Compelling Multi-Channel Experience For Your Customers

Execula offers Professional Website Upgradation Services across all technology frameworks including Magento, WordPress, NopCommerce to name a few. We have experienced web developers for every tech framework or platform to work on your project.

We can redesign, rebuild your website with an upgraded look, and feel. May it be appending new features, graphics design, custom theme or development, managing content, make it search-friendly, or even responsive – we have got you covered.

We are also a popular name when it comes to developing custom websites.

Web Upgradation Services Includes:

  • Page Speed and SEO
  • Dynamic Development
  • Upgrading the framework version
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Online Marketing
  • Updating the Back-End
  • Editing / Changing Site Content
  • Enhanced Security
  • API integration

Feel Free To Discuss

Why move on with the “old hat” website when a small up-gradation can get you Increased Targeted Traffic, Fast loading, offer Better Brand Visibility, and give you High ROI. How about a quick consultation? We are just a call away.

CMS Development

Brilliant CMS Services

A content management system, often abbreviated as CMS, is software that helps you create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need to actually have the technical know-how of coding. In a nutshell, a CMS is a tool that helps you build a website without needing to write all the code from scratch.

At Execula, we offer consulting and CMS development services aimed at assisting our clients with the complete roadmap and strategy for implementing CMS across their businesses.

Instead of spending time to build your own system for creating web pages, or storing images, and other functions, CMS handles all that basic infrastructure stuff so that you can pay attention to the front end of the website.

If you wish to implement any of the CMS whether, from ASP.Net OR PHP platform, we can help you create bespoke designs. Our certified developers are enormously skillful in dealing with all the nitty-gritties for every CMS type

Execula’s CMS development empowers firms to implement unique content management requirements, user profiles, custom modules, themes, and campaigns ensuring smooth functioning with automation, collaboration, tools integration, and workflow processes. Our content management services empower businesses with end-to-end visibility into content to deliver superior and engaging customer experiences. Some of our services include -

  1. Custom CMS Development Services
  2. Evaluation + Selection of your next generation CMS
  3. Implementation + Support
  4. Customization + Mobile App Integration
  5. Mobile Responsive Design

Listed are some of the CMS services & Integrations we offer and help you implement them in your projects–

  1. Orchard

    Orchard CMS is built on the ASP.NET MVC platform. It is highly extensible and flexible. Deploying Orchard ensures the smooth implementation of the Windows Azure Cloud. It can also help you leverage the integration features of the Azure platform. Orchard uses some of the best technologies that ensure the best performance even when the site is under heavy load.

  2. WordPress

    From hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online, 35% of the web uses WordPress websites. WordPress is extremely cost-effective. The upkeep and maintenance expense is relatively cheap. Increased site security and heap of benefit features makes WordPress a choice of millions of website user.

  3. WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source eCommerce solution for WordPress. It is considered as one of the best WordPress shopping cart plugins. It has huge SEO functionalities and has the potential that spans all your logistical & technical requirements.

  4. Joomla

    Joomla currently has around 3 million websites running on it. Joomla is pretty easy to use and offers huge flexibility with over 8000 Joomla extensions. The web scripting language is PHP. Joomla is an e-commerce friendly CMS that lets you easily manage your products and their content. There are 3rd party components that run inside the Joomla like Virtuemart. You also get several shipping, product management, and payment gateways.

  5. Shopify

    Shopify is one of the most recommended E-Commerce Store Development which is flexible, scalable, and houses innumerable remarkable built-in features, and tons of apps. With a variety of professional templates, you can create rich UX/UI. Further, the platform boasts of amazing customization abilities as it can be straightforwardly integrated with apps.

Apart from the above some of the CMS are Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and BigCommerce which are quite popular platforms for website development

SPA Application

Web applications are unwittingly replacing the old desktop applications. A single-page application (SPA) is a web app or site that fits into one single page. It is an app that works inside a browser and does not require page reloading during use. A single page application is a right choice if you need a quick loading web application. Popular brands & start-ups like Uber, Twitter, Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook or GitHub, etc. have already adopted Single Page Applications.

Why You Need a Single Page Web App

  1. It is perfect if you have a large-scale app with a complex user interface and hundreds of content pages. You need to satisfy a huge audience base which is quite diverse and uses multiple devices
  2. If you require a super-rapid site with dynamic data loading and augmented UX

Single pages provide for more reliable performance. They can handle load distribution more efficiently. So if the question comes to the better performance with better outreach and umbrella cover of technologies - then a single page is the right target for you.

Enhance Application’s Performance with Single Page Application at Execula

Over 20% of your web visitors will abandon the webpage if the content load time exceeds 3 seconds.

Execula team uses the most advanced technology to develop a single page application that is a highly interactive one-page website with the .net core powered interface.

Advantages of Single Page Applications

  1. Better user experience
  2. Hassle-free page refresh
  3. Work offline
  4. Advanced performance
  5. Load distribution
  6. Easy Caching

Rather than loading a new page for every service, the one-page website combines all into one by dynamically rewriting the current page. This facilitates the user to find all the features/services on one page, skirting disruptions and intensifying interactive user-experience for them.

Why Choose Execula Services to Develop SPA

  1. We have proficient developers that help you decide the best type of single-page app to suit your business needs
  2. Migrate your traditional multi-page site to a single page site
  3. Help you pick the web host that offers reliable security measures
  4. Design SEO-friendly SPA to avoid issues and ensure your site will be favorably crawled and indexed by search engines
  5. Dedicated QA team to assure that your app works flawlessly on all devices

Database Management

The progressions in technology have unlocked the sluicegates for endless volumes of data to flow in. This terrific expanse of data is pouring in from sundry sources and in multiple formats. In these times of data-driven businesses, information has become vital to business success. Therefore, it is important for organizations now to store, process, and manage this data.

A robust and efficient database management system resolves all your data worries, empowering businesses to lead.

Execula Data Management Solutions

Being one of the most sought ‘Database Management Services’ providers for over a decade, Execula offers best-in-class services to companies across various industries. Our team of experts has an in-depth understanding and vast experience of database management to ensure the highest availability and optimum performance.

Our data connoisseurs possess an in-depth understanding of both – open and closed source databases. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your organizational requirements and business objectives to assist you to implement best-suited solutions. In today’s data-driven world, we are well poised to cope with new-age data management needs to leverage big data and analytics.

Our Services

  • Architecture Design
  • Administration and Monitoring
  • Performance Tuning
  • Patch Management
  • Security Management
  • Backup and Recovery Management
  • Database Upgradation and Migration

Never want to lose even a single bit of information? Leave your worries to us. We are here to help you establish the most secure database platform. Easy customizations, data update services, and more - get superior solutions to arrange the datasets efficiently.

Execula - The Best Database Management Company

Execula has been delivering professional services and solutions for over 10 years. We have covered every major industry across various verticals. Transparency, excellence in work, and timely delivery have made us the leading IT services provider across the globe. Below are some of the benefits that our clients have been experiencing through our services:

  1. Integrated and advanced solutions
  2. A procedural approach towards every problem
  3. Most secure database and cloud services
  4. 100% client satisfaction
  5. 24/7 reporting and maintenance
  6. Dynamic Support
  7. Coordination with DBA Experts
  8. Quick Deployment of Solutions
  9. Scalability & Flexibility

Whether you want a multi-dimensional database that is connected with sub-datasets or hosted database management services, we have the best database management services for every requirement.

Mobile/Device App Development

Want to make your own app and place it in Apple App Store, and Google Play Store? Mobile apps have always known to empower businesses. With the ever-increasing market and latest technologies, apps are one of the best ways that offer new opportunities for brands and aid in delivering value to customers.

Best Mobile App Development Services in the USA

In the steadily booming market, Execula is a renowned mobile app development company pledged to meet the distinct demands of our clients. Our mobile app developers can build the mobile app to your requirement, in your budget, and as per your timeline.

We are well-known for delivering manifold android development, iPhone development services, and offshore custom android app development.

From concept to application software development, we know what it takes to design your vision. Having worked on copious projects, we know every app project is diverse and needs special attentiveness. Thus, we spend significant time in planning and research. Execula covers the entire mobile app development cycle. Our App Development Process includes:

  • Requirement Gathering
  • UI/UX Design
  • Prototype
  • App Programming & Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • App Redesigning
  • App Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

Services We Offer:

We will deliver quick solutions on these various app development areas -

  • Native App Development
  • Android App Development
  • iPhone App Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • Augmented Reality App Development
  • Virtual Reality App Development
  • Mobile Game Development
  • E-Commerce App Development

Why Choose Execula?

We are a full-service mobile app development company based in the USA that offers a complete suite of services right from mobile app strategy, design, integration, migration to upgrade. Our tech-savvy mobile developers are always available to provide 24x7 support and maintenance for your app. We have the expertise to create mobile applications - Hybrid, Native, or Cross-platform by harnessing the power of modern technologies. Our versatile, high oriented, and cost-efficient Android Mobile Application helps you build amazing mobile apps that help you stand out from the rest.

What More We Can Do?

  1. Mobile App UX/UI Design
  2. Mobile App Testing, Support & Maintenance
  3. Mobile App Integration With Business Eco-System
  4. Native Mobile App Development
  5. Hybrid Mobile App Development
  6. Mobile Enablement
  7. Mobile Platform Migration
  8. Enterprise Mobile App Development
  9. App Marketing & Promotion

Mobile applications have enabled the world’s top brands to redefine their business, get higher ROI’s, and save up to costs on time and operations. Whether you need a Native Mobile App on the iOS and/or Android system or looking for cross-platform mobile applications – feel free to contact us

Solr Search Services

Search is critical for your site. Search Engines essentially act as filters for the wealth of information available on the Internet. They allow users to quickly and easily find information that is of genuine interest or value to them, without the need to wade through numerous irrelevant web pages.

Execula Solr Search

Solr is the popular, blazing-fast, open-source enterprise search platform built on Apache. Solr Search engine indexes all objects to deliver the most relevant results in response to user queries, quickly and securely. It enables powerful matching capabilities including phrases, wildcards, facets and much more. The Solr search engine is one of the most widely deployed search platforms worldwide.

Execula solr search is a highly reliable, scalable, and fault-tolerant search engine that provides users with search results that they are looking for.

Features and Highlights

  • Pagination And Sorting
  • Faceting to refine searches
  • Auto SUGGEST
  • Ability to index multiple fields of the object
  • Autocomplete search
  • Misspellings correction
  • Custom Search Pages
  • Range Stats filters
  • High Indexing speed
  • Geospatial search for indexing latitude and longitude
  • Multilingual SUPPORT
  • Highlighting

Choose the Most Steadfast Search Functionality

Execula’s plugin Solr Search for nopCommerce provides all the above features and is a highly reliable, scalable, and fault-tolerant search. It’s been used by multiple sites, few of them are

  • Pittsburgh Steelers

    I met Manoj while looking for an eCommerce developer for the Pittsburgh Steelers eCommerce site. Manoj was fully dedicated to the project with a can do attitude and had great expertise as well as experience in building as well as customizing the NOP Commerce software. Manoj was able to do work at a reasonable cost as well as expand and contract his team quickly when the workload ebbed and flowed.

    Tim Mayer
  • Reliance Label Solutions

    Manoj is exceptional at what he and his Execula team does. We had an urgent deadline for a challenging development project for 15 Ecommerce Solutions we needed to roll out in just six months. We contracted with Execula to develop the base code change to the e-commerce platform to serve our specific needs and guide us through the nop Commerce configuration process. He and his team just completed development and did an exceptional job with a challenging project. If you do e-commerce or need any development done for your business, Manoj / Execula will be reliable hard-working and deliver an excellent product and his estimates we're right on the money. He even quickly developed two important plug-ins for us which were not even in the original scope. If you want the best in development and a reliable source of Consulting and development you need to call Execula. I Highly recommend them. Thanks again Manoj for doing an excellent and professional job!!!

    Brent Spackman
  • Wine on the way

    Manoj saved us when our website wasn’t working. I sent out 4 requests for help using the NOP Commerce recommended developers. Manoj got back to he within minutes (others took days). He fixed one problem over the phone! Our site has never gone down again since. He helps with any issues immediately. Not only do I trust Manoj, after all we went through I won’t even think about using anyone else.

    Erin Allport
  • PoserWorld.

    Our eCommerce store had been do1wn and we were not able to collect payments for about 4 months, we consulted with many developers and they could not get it working. When I got in touch with Manoj at Execula he was very confident that he could get it working, so I gave him access to the server. To my surprise, he debugged the error and had it fixed within the hour.
    Since then we have started to collaborate with Manoj and his team and are very happy with the new website he has built for us, in record time and on budget. He finished it ahead of schedule.
    I would highly recommend Manoj for any Web Development work.

    Peter Martin
  • AliKat Marketing

    I would never consult with anyone other than Manoj for custom e-commerce guidance. Not only is he great at what he does, he is personable, professional and reliable. I consider my company lucky to have found Manoj and would refer him to anyone who wants it done right the first time.

    Alicia Baker