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Solr Search Services

Search is critical for your site. Search Engines essentially act as filters for the wealth of information available on the Internet. They allow users to quickly and easily find information that is of genuine interest or value to them, without the need to wade through numerous irrelevant web pages.

Execula Solr Search

Solr is the popular, blazing-fast, open-source enterprise search platform built on Apache. Solr Search engine indexes all objects to deliver the most relevant results in response to user queries, quickly and securely. It enables powerful matching capabilities including phrases, wildcards, facets and much more. The Solr search engine is one of the most widely deployed search platforms worldwide.

Execula solr search is a highly reliable, scalable, and fault-tolerant search engine that provides users with search results that they are looking for.

Features and Highlights

  • Pagination And Sorting
  • Faceting to refine searches
  • Auto SUGGEST
  • Ability to index multiple fields of the object
  • Autocomplete search
  • Misspellings correction
  • Custom Search Pages
  • Range Stats filters
  • High Indexing speed
  • Geospatial search for indexing latitude and longitude
  • Multilingual SUPPORT
  • Highlighting

Choose the Most Steadfast Search Functionality

Execula’s plugin Solr Search for nopCommerce provides all the above features and is a highly reliable, scalable, and fault-tolerant search. It’s been used by multiple sites, few of them are