Web technology is changing rapidly, so do the attitude of visitors towards web application, resulting in surprise frequency transformation in bounce rate to web pages.

HTML5 and CSS3

With the latest update in html markup language, right from html 2.0 to html 5.0, in combination of CSS3 load time of Web page is also being reduced , along with responsiveness to various platforms like desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC and other mobile devices. No third party plugin is required to add audio and video content to a web-page. Special multimedia tags are provided for the same. Scripting is not necessary for W3C validation, so you can avoid complex and confusing codes at times.

Execula - Html5 and css3

Fully Responsive Design

Html 5 and CSS3 supports any latest browser, operating system independent and device independent which calls to write once and use anywhere i.e cross browser support. We can add many wow factor elements, which reduces the complexity of using flash objects on a web page. You can have full control over color palettes used for projects instead of keeping separate code for the color theme.

So the conclusion is web-pages are more responsive than ever before, with minimal complexity in design to various platform without loosing the quality of content and hence reduced bounce rate to web-pages with increased conversion rate.

Execula - Responsive desigin
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