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Execula offers competitive remarketing services by providing exceptional results and unparalleled experiences. With industry-leading remarketing experts, we have delivered successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns thus helping our customers earn more from the web.

Why Remarketing Services?

Remarketing is an advertising strategy that promotes your business/products/services to users that have previously interacted with your site or have shown some interest in your niche. You can remarket to users across various channels, from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram to video-sharing sites like YouTube.

Types of Remarketing

  1. Video remarketing ads are shown on YouTube and other Google display partners
  2. Search remarketing ads shown at the top of the search engine results
  3. Display remarketing ads are shown as display ads on other websites
  4. Dynamic remarketing that include products or services that people viewed on your website or app
  5. Social media remarketing that uses LinkedIn remarketing, Facebook remarketing, and Pinterest remarketing.
  6. Customer list remarketing

Advantages of Remarketing Services for Business

Curious about the ways your company can use remarketing services? With hundreds of PPC campaigns managed, digital marketing specialists at Execula have developed various creative ways to use remarketing to your advantage.

Here are a few ways you can leverage remarketing in your campaign

  • Offer Limited-time discounts abandoned shopping carts
  • Reminders for specific products, positions, or services viewed
  • Exclusive offers
  • Event promotions for customers in a specific geographical radius
  • Offers over a canceled service
  • Review discounts for purchased products
  • Loyal Customer discounts

Why Invest In Professional Remarketing Services?

Execula’s professional remarketing services offer your business the below rewards:

  1. Lead Generation services to recapture visitors that didn’t convert
  2. Enhance Ecommerce ROI by re-engaging visitors by displaying a specific product they browsed.
  3. Better Remarketing Campaigns by Upsell / cross-sell to existing customers
  4. Increase leads and sales with a targeted remarketing strategy
  5. Show ads to the right users at the right time
  6. Campaign spend optimization by targeting users based on keywords, interests, etc.
  7. Extend reach and impact by remarketing across Google, or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other networks.

Our Experience & Expertise with Remarketing:

Our team of PPC professionals has experience with the following platforms and technologies

  • Search Remarketing and Display Remarketing on Google
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Remarketing via 3rd Party Ad Networks
  • Social Advertising – Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads
  • Call Tracking for better retention and acquisition
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • URL Tagging
  • CRM Integration with website

Top Remarketing Agency to Increase Leads and Sales

Execula is a premier digital marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona. With over a decade of experience, we have strengthened our foot in the digital space and have helped various clients across numerous verticals to get the most of digital experience. If you too are interested in a remarketing campaign for your business and want to boost your online sales - Contact us now!