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Pinterest Advertising

As per statistics, at the end of 2019, Pinterest reported having 322 million monthly active users worldwide. 71% of global Pinterest users are female. When concentrating on the US, Pinterest reaches 83% of women ages 25-54. That same group makes 80% of the buying decisions. 52% of millennials use Pinterest every month. Most people who use Pinterest are likely to make eCommerce purchases.

Pinterest users are 10% more likely to buy from an eCommerce site than users on other social networking platforms.

The livelier your business is within the Pinterest community, the more success and exposure your brand will gain.

Features of Pinterest Platform

  1. Even distribution of age groups
  2. Website traffic and Engagement Driver
  3. Pins have the highest online longevity of at least 2,520 hours. Compared to Twitter or Facebook (post disappears after a while)
  4. Pins usually also show up in search results thus they have a wide reach
  5. Most Pinterest users make use of mobile devices to connect to the platform thus brands can target users with Pinterest ads anywhere, all the time.
  6. Pinterest influences purchases

The Visual Social Network for Businesses!

Execula is a Pinterest Advertising Agency assisting clients to create rich content to reach engaged users on Pinterest. We excel in the art of Pinterest ads management. Our process is aimed to garner 100% results for your Pinterest ad campaigns and involves:-

  1. Paid social strategy
  2. Intensive research on the keywords and hashtags
  3. Competitor research
  4. Strategic campaign creation
  5. Ad Creation and execution
  6. Bid optimization
  7. Conversion tracking
  8. Campaign management
  9. Tracking and reporting

It’s Best for Businesses Because

Pinterest is the world’s fourth-largest social network, but their ad platform is still gaining momentum. It is a great way for brands to reach highly engaged and receptive audiences.

  1. A Boosting Medium
  2. Detailed Targeting
  3. Creative Ad Formats
  4. Efficient Costs

So if you want to Increase Awareness, Increase Engagement, Boost Traffic, Promote Apps Or Boost Video Views, Drive Online Clicks, Enhance Visits Or Purchases And Increase Overall Store Visits And Sales - Pinterest should be your call.

If you’re ready to start advertising your business on Pinterest, contact us online or call us today