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Google Search Console Setup Services

Google Search Console Setup Services

Do you have your website? Or are you maintaining the website of the company you work for? You will agree that the basic thing is to keep a keen eye on the performance of your website.

Google offers several tools to collect and analyze the data on your website. Google Search Console is one such free to use tool for maintaining a website. It helps you channelize your marketing and can give you very valuable insights about your website.

Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools is a must for any business hoping to get more website traffic from search engines.

Execula Google Search Console Services

We at Execula help you set up Google Search Console for your website to easily track the performance. We also help you with the reporting of valuable insights from your Google Search Console account. These metrics will help you monitor what part of your website needs work. They can be a technical part, such as an increasing number of crawl errors that need to be fixed. Or this can be a more marketing-specific insight like plummeting keywords, or impressions or rankings where you need to pay more attention.

You can use Google Search Console to:

  • Confirm page crawling and indexing
  • Spot errors, like incorrect structured data, mobile display issues, slow page speed, and more
  • Find queries that drive traffic to a page
  • Monitor page appearances and positions in SERP’s
  • Watch for site security issues
  • Compare page performance over time
  • And more

Besides seeing this kind of data, you’ll get mail new error notifications that shall aware of you quickly about the issues you need to fix.

Access Your Reports through Google Search Console

Once the Google Search Console is set up, your team can access a wide range of features and reports, including A list of the different reports in Google Search Console let you inspect

  1. Overview to get a quick summary of your website or property.
  2. Performance to check the execution of your website in-depth with the Performance report.
  3. URL Inspection

In addition to these three core reports, you can also access the following reports:

  • Coverage
  • Sitemaps
  • Mobile Usability
  • AMP
  • Rich Result Status
  • A summary of manual actions against your site and potential fixes
  • Security Issues
  • Links

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Execula’s Expert Service

Google Search Console is geared more toward more internal information—who is linking to you, if there is a malware or other problems on your site, and which keyword queries your site is appearing for in search results.

This can only be achieved if all the basic setup is done right. Look no further than Execula’s expert service. Reach out to us on or Call Us at 480-463-1912 for a quick consultation.

If you’re looking for professional help when it comes to improving your search result rankings and website traffic, Execula can help. Have a glimpse of our SEO services and we can help your business dominate search results on Google and drive revenue.