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Content Audits

Content Auditing – The Cornerstone of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is essentially your customer’s path to purchase. Planning a bespoke content strategy is imperative. It ensures your business is conveying factual information to the right individuals at the right time. This begins with a proper audit of your existing information resource.

Why Conduct a Content Audit?

If you are heedless of what content you have, and how it’s performing, you cannot improve. The key to driving more leads, more traffic, and get good revenue is through planned content marketing which begins by identifying the loopholes in your content deliverables.

With the content audit, you can understand which buyer personas and buying stages are poorly resourced. It lets you discover and share content internally. You can access the historical performance data, and identify what content should be promoted, archived, or removed entirely.

Despite the clear virtues of the content audit, very few marketers conduct one. The major reason is auditing content is a notoriously excruciating procedure. It can take weeks, or even months, to properly find, analyze, and document each asset your company has ever published online.

Content Audits for Content Marketing Success

An in-depth content audit will ensure you're on top of your content marketing strategy. It allows you to track metrics and content performance more efficiently, make data-backed decisions; shift your attention to what's working, and what needs to be done to get you to where you want to be.

Execula is a global software development and digital marketing agency headquartered in the USA. Our content marketing team performs an in-depth audit of your content before diving into writing a slew of content. It lets you identify your audience and then target writing about their necessities and solutions. You can’t just write anything and expect your demographics to come to your website, right?

Get Auditing

You can’t comprehend where you are going until you identify where you are. Auditing is the cornerstone of content strategy. So, stop shooting arrows in the dark and get auditing. Reach out for a quick consultation.