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Understanding the theory of cloud computing

               Can we take the literal meaning of the word as in Cloud. Yes we can, It simply represents internet.

The term simply means accessing  data and compiling programs on remote servers rather doing it on our local machine. It’s not about your local hard drive, you should be worried about loss of data or crashing of programs. Its about the computing hardware machine or group of computing hardware machines in general regarded  as servers connected through various communication modes  such as internet, intranet, LAN or WAN.

               To perform any kind of computational task user has to have right for the same, so instead of running application on local machine programmers can run their application on remote server, from any part of the world if the  user is  connected to Internet with valid login credentials.

              The term is widely used as cloud computing infrastructure. The cloud symbol is used on network diagrams to represent the unknown segment of networks basically a network topology, where applications run on remotely connected server or servers.

              Using this technology software can be used as service which is called as SaaS (“Software as   a Service”) by deploying software centrally and everybody can become a client and start using this service.

              The best part is you can write code more efficiently since technology is auto updated on the servers. So you don’t need to manually do it for your code efficiency.  Client can use latest technologies to build their applications.

              The government is also focusing on these aspects of cloud computing like e-governance of pensions, banking, insurance, and the judiciary. These can be classified as central, state or integration of both.

So the cloud computing is truly a technology revolution in application development. 

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